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Carpenter and Company established Health Care Facilities of Missouri in 1991. HCFM has put to rest the frustration of uncontrollable Worker' Compensation costs and inadequate service by implementing a tailor-made Loss Control Program and aggressive claims management philosophy.

HCFM Reduces Workers' Compensation Costs

Representing over 180 senior living facilities in the state of Missouri with over $7,000,000 in annualized premium. HCFM was created to help its members control the high costs of Workers' Compensation.

HCFM is committed to ensuring that questionable claims are strongly investigated and legitimate claims are quickly processed. Strict regulations set by the Division of Workers' Compensation must be adhered to at all times.

Administration, Claims & Loss Control Consultants

HCFM has employed a team of some of the most experienced consultants in Missouri Self-Insurance. Carpenter and Company provides all of the administrative and marketing functions for HCFM. CorVel Claims Management Services, Inc. reviews, investigates and pays all claims for HCFM. Summit Safety Group, LLC provides loss control to each member of HCFM.


$51,033,500 Represents the dividends already paid by HCFM on the past twenty years of workers' compensation experience. This in no way concludes the final dividends to be paid on these years.

Excess Insurance

Coverage is provided on each and every occurrence in excess of the Self-insured Retention (similar to a deductible). Aggregate coverage is provided in the event maximum out-of-pocket expenses are reached.

Stable Primary Rate

HCFM maintains competitive prices - our primary rate used in the premium calculation was reduced in 2011 and has stayed stable since that time.

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