Member Services

Since 1991, HEALTH CARE FACILITIES OF MISSOURI (HCFM) has saved its members thousands of dollars through Aggressive Claims Management and Loss Control. There are also immediate benefits to being a member of HCFM.

Reasons that HCFM is your Workers’ Compensation Home for your Home:

  • HCFM Members have enjoyed up to a 30% dividend payout history
  • HCFM Maintains long-term competitive prices.
  • HCFM Pays members interest on their deposit premium annually
  • HCFM Is one of the largest trusts for Nursing Homes
  • HCFM is an approved training agency – providing free continuing credit hours to member homes
  • HCFM Has minimized the assessment potential through innovative reinsurance policy
  • HCFM Currently pays the 5% second injury fund tax for all members
  • HCFM Has an exclusive provider network of physicians who work with the Trust to keep costs low!
  • HCFM Has negotiated discounts for members with Lift Provider on resident lift devices
  • HCFM Has reinsurance with Midwest Employers Casualty Corporation, a A + rated company
  • HCFM Has up to 25% annual discount available based on your claims experience and loss control compliance.
  • HCFM Potential dividend on surplus of total paid-in premium minus claims costs and operating expenses. (Money normally retained as profit by insurance companies.)
  • HCFM Trust subsidizes member appreciation functions
  • HCFM Premium paid monthly on your facility’s actual payroll in arrears
  • HCFM’s Loss control specialists will review your facility twice a year and make recommendations to avoid potential injuries.